Saturday, March 7, 2015

Clafer Tools in Sublime Text 2/3

by Michał Antkiewicz

Clafer Tools get new and improved integration with Sublime Text 2/3 (release 0.3.9), providing the following features:
  • Syntax highlighting of keywords, operators, comments, and integer and string literals
    • including the behavioral Clafer extension
  • Compilation <CTRL>+b
  • Instance generation (with simple scope inference) using
    • Alloy-based instance generator <CTRL>+i, g, a
    • Choco-based instance generator <CTRL>+i, g, c
    • Z3 SMT-based instance generator <CTRL>+i, g, s
  • Clafer binaries are now in a separate folder Packages/Clafer-Bin, so that they are not removed with every update of the Clafer Tools Sublime package.
The package Clafer Tools 0.3.9 is now an official Sublime Text package available from the central package repository.  To install, follow the instructions in the README.


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