GSD Lab at University of Waterloo

Krzysztof CzarneckiResearch. Project co-leader. Clafer language design.
Kacper BąkResearch. Clafer language design. Main developer of Clafer compiler.
Michał AntkiewiczResearch. Management. Requirements, design, architecture, implementation, testing,  releases, technology transfer.
Jimmy LiangResearch. Main developer of ClaferIG and Choco backend. Extensions of the compiler, including scope computation, type system, and multi-fragment support.
Alexandr MurashkinResearch. Main developer of ClaferMoo Visualizer, ClaferIDE, and the Common UI Platform. Maintainer of Clafer Configurator.
Zinovy DiskinResearch. Formal semantics.
Eldar KhalilovClafer implementation in JetBrains Meta-Programming System (MPS). DSLs on top-of Clafer. Maintenance of the Clafer web tools.
Rafael OlaecheaResearch. Main developer of ClaferMOO. Exact and evolutionary multi-objective optimization algorithms.
Ed ZulkoskiResearch. SMT Solver integration. Multi-objective optimization.
Chris WalkerCo-op. Main developer of Clafer Wiki, HTML and GraphViz generators.
Neil Vincent RedmanCo-op. Main developer of ClaferConfigurator, extensions to ClaferMoo Visualizer.
Luke Michael BrownCo-op. Extensions of Clafer compiler and instance generator.

MODELS group at IT University of Copenhagen

Andrzej WąsowskiResearch. Project co-leader. Clafer language design.
Paulius JuodisiusResearch. Main developer of Behavioral Clafer.
Raghava Rao MukkamalaResearch. Formal semantics and testing of Behavioral Clafer.

Third-Party Contributors

Markus VoelterClafer implementation in JetBrains Meta-Programming System (MPS). DSLs on top-of Clafer.


We would like to thank to Jordan Ross, Leo Passos, Marko Novakovic, Dina Zayan for their contributions to language design and development.