Thursday, July 24, 2014

How to run Gitit from a Cabal sandbox?

by Michał Antkiewicz

Some Haskell projects, such as Gitit, dynamically load Haskell modules which implement plugins. ClaferWiki is one such a plugin for Gitit. To have Gitit load the ClaferWiki plugin, one must specify the following in the gitit.cnf file
plugins: Network.Gitit.Plugin.ClaferWiki
Gitit will then search for the module ClaferWiki in the user and global package registries. However, when the plugin is installed in a Cabal sandbox, it will not be found.

UPDATE (Feb 10, 2015): the script now provides an option --sandbox.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Clafer Tools Released

by Michał Antkiewicz
We are moving to a staged release model. First, Haskell-based tools, including the compiler, IG, and the wiki, followed by backends Choco3-based and Z3-based, finally followed by the web tools. This will allow us to make more frequent releases of the core components on which all others depend.

The binaries for Win, Linux, and Mac can be downloaded from Clafer Tools - Binary Distributions. There's also a "portable" distribution for Win which includes preconfigured Sublime Text 2.

For feature modeling, see Guidelines for Feature Modeling using Clafer.

Clafer Tools is a simultaneous release of the Clafer
  1. compiler
  2. wiki (go to the demo instance: Clafer Model Wiki)
  3. Alloy-based instance generator
  4. Choco3-based instance generator and multi-objective optimizer backend
  5. Choco3-based solver frontend
  6. Z3-based instance generator and multi-objective optimizer backend and frontend
  7. Clafer Integrated Development Environment (go to the demo instance: ClaferIDE)
  8. Clafer Configurator (go to the demo instance: ClaferConfigurator)
  9. Clafer Multi-Objective Optimization Visualizer and Exporer (go to the demo instance: ClaferMooVisualizer)
The release is mostly focused on
  • the Choco3-based and Z3-based backends,
  • significant update of the web-based tools user interface (using D3 framework + usability improvements)
  • compiler fixes.