On-line Tools

  • ClaferIDE
    On-line IDE for Clafer including an editor, compiler, and instance generator.

On Desktop

  • Clafer Tools Binary Distributions
    The bundle contains the Clafer compiler, Alloy-based, Choco-basedm and Z3-based instance generators and multi-objective optimizers, and Sublime Text 2 integration.

Source code

  • Clafer compiler
    Reference language implementation. Translates Clafer models to Alloy, XML, and desugared Clafer.
  • Clafer compiler (Behavioral Extension Fork)
    Ongoing development of the behavioral language extension: adds LTL to constraint language, final and initial keywords, and syntactic sugar for property patterns. New AlloyLtl generator produces Alloy code whose instances are traces over time.
  • ClaferChocoIG
    A command-line, Choco 3-based instance generator.
    • ClaferIDE
      A web-based integrated development environment for editing, compiling, and instantiating Clafer models.
    • Clafer Configurator
      An interactive, web-based, configurator for attributed feature models with inheritance subset of Clafer.
    • ClaferMOO Visualizer
      Visualizes optimal instances of Clafer modles (Pareto Front) and allows to perform analysis of the Pareto Front. 
    Deprecated Software (will no longer be part of future releases)

      Project Ideas

      If you want to contribute to Clafer, take a look at some project ideas. If you have more ideas, we would be glad to hear about them!