On-line Tools

  • ClaferIDE
    On-line IDE for Clafer including an editor, compiler, and instance generator.

On Desktop

Source code

  • Clafer compiler
    Reference language implementation. Translates Clafer models to Alloy, XML, and desugared Clafer.
  • Clafer Wiki
    Wiki that integrates informal documentation in natural language with more formal Clafer models.
  • Clafer Instance Generator
    Interactive, Alloy-based, tool that generates instances of Clafer models, shows counterexamples, and conflicting constraints.
  • Choco3-based solver
    A backend for running Clafer models compiled into Choco.
  • ClaferIDE
    A web-based integrated development environment for editing, compiling, and instantiating Clafer models.
  • Clafer Configurator
    An interactive, web-based, configurator for attributed feature models with inheritance subset of Clafer.
  • ClaferMOO Visualizer
    Visualizes optimal instances of Clafer modles (Pareto Front) and allows to perform analysis of the Pareto Front. 

Project Ideas

If you want to contribute to Clafer, take a look at some project ideas. If you have more ideas, we would be glad to hear about them!