Thursday, August 15, 2013

Clafer Tools 0.3.3 Released

by Michał Antkiewicz
Download binaries for Clafer and ClaferIG

SPLC'13 papers:
Clafer Tools for Product Line Engineering,
Visualization and Exploration of Optimal Variants in Product Line Engineering.

Clafer Tools 0.3.3 is a simultaneous release of the Clafer
projects.The binary distributions of the compiler and instance generator are available for download. The other tools are either in Python or JavaScript and they do not require binary builds - they can be installed by downloading from the source code repositories.
The following are links to public live demo installations of
The live demos are still running 0.3.2 but will be upgraded asap. The 0.3.3 release is massive in size. Overall, it contains many new features, bug fixes, and big performance improvements.

Noteworthy Changes
Clafer (commits)
  • fixed if-then-else type resolution
  • improved error reporting for lexer, layout resolver, parser, and compiler errors
  • fixed default cardinality of grouped clafers
  • fixed 'sum' to use sum quantifier in Alloy
  • added attributed feature models check
  • added a powerful scope computation strategy based on linear programming
  • added scope computation strategy options: none, simple, full
  • fixed HTML rendering errors
  • included the Ecore2Clafer translator
  • fixed typing for unions
  • added a parameter to skip code generation for goals/objectives
ClaferIG (commits)
  • added JSON output of instance data
  • added automatic adjustment of bitwidth for a model
  • fixed displaying of strings-string literals from the models are properly displayed
  • improved the 'claferModel' command which now shows the model together with scopes and UnSAT core markers
  • IG now does not crach for models with goals
  • some compiler options can now be passed directly to IG
ClaferWiki (commits)
  • fixed download links - downloaded files now have page names
  • the wiki plugins are now a proper cabal package
  • improved situation with race conditions
Clafer Configurator (commits)
  • added help system - welcome help and pages for each window
  • the configurator no longer crashes for models with goals
  • added attributed feature model check, if not, displays an error
  • constraints representing current filters (feature selections and eliminations) can be copy pasted from the view Constraints.
ClaferMoo Visualizer (commits)
  • added help system - welcome help and pages for each window
  • added feature subtree collapse in feature matrix
  • improved graph resizing
Detailed changelogs for release 0.3.3
Clafer new features and bug fixes
ClaferIG new features and bug fixes
ClaferConfigurator new features and bug fixes
ClaferWiki new features and bug fixes
ClaferMOO new features and bug fixes
ClaferMOOVisualizer new features and bug fixes

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