Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Clafer, ClaferIG, ClaferWiki, ChocoSolver, and ClaferChocoIG 0.3.10 Released

by Michał Antkiewicz, updated on May 13, 2015

The Clafer compiler, Alloy-based instance generator, and wiki 0.3.10 are released on Hackage (clafer, claferIG, claferwiki). The Choco-based instance generator and multi-objective optimizer is also released. Binary builds are available from Clafer Tools - Binary Distributions.

We also updated Clafer mode for Emacs.

For details of changes see
EDIT (May 1, 2015):
We are planning to release the web tools soon. This will be the first web tools release since!

EDIT2 (May 13, 2015):

The binaries now contain a HotFix release of the Choco-based backend.

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