Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Clafer, ClaferIG, ClaferWiki, ClaferChocoIG 0.4.0 Released

by Michał Antkiewicz

Clafer compiler, Alloy-based instance generator, and wiki 0.4.0 are released on Hackage (clafer, claferIG, claferwiki). The release also includes the Choco3-based instance generator and optimizer, which; however, does not yet support the new features of the language.

Binary builds are available from Clafer Tools - Binary Distributions.

The Clafer 0.4.0 PowerPoint Slide Show summarizes the improvements included in this release.

Major changes include:
  • Fixed the grammar and extended the type system to properly support super types, primitive value reference types, complex reference types, primitive type reference refinements. See the test case mergeExpAndSetExp.cfr and a subset of the test case supported by Alloy mergeExpAndSetExpAlloy.cfr.
  • Added support for redefinition in Alloy-based IG. See redefinition.cfr test case.
  • Removed Alloy4.1 support. The mode -m=alloy means Alloy4.2 by default.
  • Removed XML mode (-m=xml). The JSON output (-m=json) is more comprehensive and it contains information about quality attributes and objectives.
  • Removed a redundant --noalloyruncommand option.
  • Added primitive type double and implemented primitive type coersions. See primitiveTypesAndCoersions.cfr test case.
  • Updated Clafer Tools for Sublime Text 2/3.
For detailed changes see pull requests: Clafer, ClaferIG, ClaferWiki, chocosolver, ClaferChocoIG.

Previous release Clafer, ClaferIG, ClaferWiki, ChocoSolver, and ClaferChocoIG 0.3.10 Released.

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