Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Clafer Tools Released

by Michał Antkiewicz, updated on Nov 03, 2015

This is a simultaneous release of all Clafer Tools.

Binary builds are available from Clafer Tools - Binary Distributions.

Clafer compiler, release pull request (0.4.2), hotfix (
  • added CheatSheet and generated syntax documentation clafer.pdf.
  • Added minimum and maximum of a set operators min and max.
  • Changed syntax of objectives to << minimize ... >> and << maximize ... >>. The old syntax << min ... >> and << max ... >> still works but it is now deprecated.
  • Changed precedence of if/then/else so that nested expressions do not need to be in parens. See issue #73.
  • Implemented ability for top-level abstract clafer to extend a nested abstract clafer #67. See test case.
  • Added generation of assertions for Choco.
  • Added validation with Choco and GraphVis to -v.
  • Use Haskell stack.
Alloy-based instance generator, release pull request (0.4.2), hotfix (
Choco-based instance generator and multi-objective optimizer, release pull request (0.4.2), release pull request (

  • Many optimizations
  • Improved symmetry breaking
  • Restore strategies "smaller" and "larger"
  • New command line options: time, noprint, dataFile
  • Ported to the latest Choco3/develop
Claferwiki, release pull request (0.4.2), hotfix (
ClaferToolsUICommonPlatform, release pull request (0.4.2).
  • Added excluding variants in the feature and quality matrix, issue #23.
ClaferMOOVisualizer, release pull request (0.4.2).
  • Added excluding variants in the feature and quality matrix, issue #23.
ClaferConfigurator, release diff (0.4.2).
  • Added excluding variants in the feature and quality matrix, issue #23.
ClaferIDE, release diff (0.4.2).

ClaferToolsST, release diff (0.4.2), release commit

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