Friday, May 20, 2016

ClaferMPS 0.4.3 Released

by Michał Antkiewicz, May 20, 2016

ClaferMPS is an implementation of Clafer in JetBrains Meta-Programming System (MPS). It also includes an Architecture DSL, which implements an adaptation of EAST-ADL reference model for early architecture modeling described in a technical report.

ClaferMPS implements full Clafer 0.4.3 and provides
  • a smart structured editor with autocompletion and many intentions,
  • type system,
  • module system,
  • generator of plain-text Clafer.
The Architecture DSL
  • technical feature model, functional analysis architecture, hardware design architecture, and separate functional to hardware architecture deployment specification,
  • editable textual and graphical projections,
  • semantic error checking according to the reference model,
  • separate definition of quality attributes,
  • generation of plain Clafer separate for every module with and without quality attributes.
For installation and usage details, see README.

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